Tuesday, February 19, 2013

TeamViewer 8.0.x installation in Slackware 14.0

For installing TeamViewer 8.0 in Slackware 14 usngRPM2TGZ Method;

Download the TeamViewer 8.0 Red Hat RPM package from TeamViewer home page.

$ wget http://www.teamviewer.com/download/teamviewer_linux.rpm

Follow below steps.

$ su
rpm2tgz teamviewer_linux.rpm
# installpkg teamviewer_linux.tgz
# ln -s /opt/teamviewer8/tv_bin/TeamViewer /usr/bin/
# ln -s /opt/teamviewer8/tv_bin/teamviewerd /usr/bin/
# teamviewerd
# exit

Execute launcher as user and have a fun with TeamViewer 8.0.

$ teamviewer

To generate symbollic link of TeamViewer 8.0.x launcher on desktop, run below command. 

$ ln -s /opt/teamviewer8/tv_bin/desktop/*.desktop ~/Desktop/

For above method, before launching the Teamviewer 8.0.x on next boots, you always need to start TeamViewer daemon by teamviewerd command manually as root. Currently, I am working on a SlackBuild for building TeamViewer 8.0.x package and start-up script that starts TeamViewer Daemon while booting. 

NOTE: If you have Slackware64 14.0 installed on your box, firstly you need to switch to multilib to make TeamViewer work. Because it requires requires these 32-bit packages: glibc, zlib, freetype, alsa-lib and GConf. After switching to mutilib, all of these dependencies are automatically met . In Slackware 14.0 (32-bit) full installation, there is no need for any of these dependency packages. Just follow the above instructions and run the TeamViewer.