Sunday, January 6, 2013

Switch to multilib with 32-bit compatibility on Slackware64

Slackware64 is pure 64-bit system and does not contain multilib and 32-bit compatibility packages officially. This does not mean that Slackware64 is not multilib-ready. It is possible to add layer of multilib and 32-bit compatibility software to Slackware64. 

You need multilib support because some closed source programs, such as Google Earth, Adobe Reader and Team Viewer, require multilib and 32-bit compatibility layer in order to be run on Slackware64. 

To switch multilib with 32-bit compatibility on Slackware64 14.0 using Eric Hameleers' packages and guide;

1. open a terminal emulator,

2. download the complete Slackware 14.0 multilib folder.

lftp -c 'open ; mirror 14.0'

3. become root,


4. change directory to the downloaded multilib packages' folder.

cd 14.0

5. upgrade your 64bit Slackware gcc and glibc packages to their multilib versions,

upgradepkg --reinstall --install-new *.t?z

6. install 32-bit compatibility packages to support all the 32-bit programs,

cd *-compat32

upgradepkg --install-new *-compat32/*.t?z

7. add below lines to /etc/slackpkg/blacklist file for blacklisting all off multilib and 32-bit compatibility packages against updated by slackpkg tool,

# This one will blacklist all alien packages: 

For further information about multilib, look at here!


  1. Bravo! Good to see men who know what a REAL UNIX compliant GNU/Linux is supposed to be!

  2. So far, your tutorial for installing multilib for Slackware, a simple straight forward step by step explanation, is the best!