Tuesday, April 20, 2010

TeamViewer 5 for Linux (Beta) released!

TeamViewer 7.x installation in Slackware 14.0


TeamViewer 5 for Linux released!
In our TeamViewer download area you will now find the new release TeamViewer 5 beta for Linux.
TeamViewer extends its multiplatform solution to Linux. This allows cross-compatibility between Windows, Mac OS, iPhone / iPod Touch and Linux for desktop sharing, remote support and online-presentations.
We wish you best continued success with TeamViewer!

Created On: 15 Apr 2010 08:57

With TeamViewer it is possible to control any remote computer as if you were sitting in front of it even through firewalls.

For further information visit "http://www.teamviewer.com".

Unfortunately, there is no Slackware native binary package officially distributed.

To create "*.tgz" package, simply download "*.rpm" package and use "rpm2tgz" tool. It works fine :).

A remote TeamViewer desktop connection between two Slack Machines.


  1. I didn't even know this was available. It's nice to read other people's blog's every now and then. Cheers!

  2. How can i install teamviewer on slackware ? What i must do because i have some errors.

  3. it's work fine with my slack and winxp

    create "*.tgz" package, simply download "*.rpm" package and use "rpm2tgz"

    then in root
    installpkg "teamviewerXXX.tgz"
    to start in terminal write teamviewer6

  4. This is also good.

    Works well, doesn't require installation or specific config, works behind gateways NAT as well as within one LAN.