Sunday, December 27, 2009

Building Inkscape (v0.47) Binary Package in Slackware 13.0 using SBo ( SlackBuild Script and SBOPKG Tool

Diagram on the left side shows the build dependency order to compile Inkscape (v0.47) source in Slackware 13.0. "graphviz", "lxml" and "numpy" are optional, but for better functionality it is strongly recommended to install them also.

You can find information about dependencies for any package in README file in SlackBuild archive file. Here is the ftp repository of SBo ( Tracking dependency order for the package you wish to install and checking over each of README files of tracked dependencies to explore whether any other dependencies exist or not, you can easily make a complete dependency diagram for compilation of intended package as on the left side. Synchronize your Sbopkg package list with the SBo repository and place all dependencies and intended package in correct order in SBOPKG build queue before begining to compilation process and then start to build programs and libraries in the list. Here is the docs/help page of SBOPKG.


  1. Thanks for informing...

  2. Excellent, thanks a lot! Inkscape was one of the most annoying packages to set up until now.